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The Dawn of .CO at EuroDNS! PDF Print E-mail
Written by EuroDNS   
Thursday, 29 April 2010 16:04

LUXEMBOURG - EuroDNS has officially announced the .CO Sunrise phase, reserved for trademark holders to allow them a first shot at registering the corresponding .CO domain names on a priority basis. Pre-registration is also open for the Landrush and General Availability periods.

Individuals and companies holding marks can benefit from the sunrise period by securing their .CO, andf registering their name today at EuroDNS for €260.
.CO is a unique opportunity offering registrants a new experience in the branding of their online presence. The .CO extension is assimilated to the notions of visibility, international and credibility. There is a strong sense of attractiveness in these two letters extension and .CO is also highly related to social networks. .CO works perfectly with words such as “COmpany”, “COrporation”, “COmmerce”, “COtent”, “COnnect”, “Communicate”, and "COllaborate”.
Xavier Buck, comments “.CO is opening a new era and considered to be the world’s next premier web address. We are proud to be part of the .CO Sunrise registration period and we are also offering you the possibility to register for the Landrush and General Availability phases. We will also be providing some promotional prices, so stay tuned at EuroDNS”.

.CO is more than the top level domain for the Republic of Colombia and enjoys liberal domain registration policies with no domicile or burdensome requirements for example. There are three launch phases for the .CO domain registration process. These phases are known as Global Sunrise, Landrush and General Availability.
Sunrise for trademarks registered globally, from April 26th to June 10th , 2010.
The Sunrise Process was created to allow trademark holders to prevent the abusive registration of domain
names for which they hold rights. This sunrise gives the holders of certain eligible registered trademarks the right to apply for the .CO domain names corresponding with their trademarks before the registration of domain names under the .CO TLD is open to the public at large. The registration fee of €260 is non refundable and there is an extra €28 per year.
Landrushfrom June 21st to July 13th, 2010
The landrush is a period during which interested parties can seek to register priority domains not previously registered or reserved by the Registry or Restricted by Policy. An auction process will be used to allocate domain names in the event that more than one applicant applies for the same domain. Due to its early-bird
status, Landrush Registration is subject to an increased price, directly determined by the Registry. This is why a yearly premium registration fee of €260 will be charged on top of the non-refundable €10 validation fee.
General Availability is starting on July 20th, 2010
The general availability is the date when .CO opens to the general public, and available .CO domain names can be registered on a first-come, first-served basis. The yearly fee will be of €28. 
For more information, click onward: http://www.eurodns.com/top-level-domain/Columbia/Co

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