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May .Ai auctions led by Wealth.ai


Whois.AI concluded their auctions for May and Wealth.ai was the top closing price at $12,025. 15 auctions closed at four figures or better. Here is a look back at April.

wealth.ai12,025 USDWhois.ai
support.ai7,536 USDWhois.ai
relevance.ai5,025 USDWhois.ai
big.ai4,085 USDWhois.ai
heaven.ai3,580 USDWhois.ai
to.ai3,501 USDWhois.ai
byte.ai2,107 USDWhois.ai
blend.ai2,006 USDWhois.ai
graphic.ai1,710 USDWhois.ai
dexter.ai1,506 USDWhois.ai
jukebox.ai1,247 USDWhois.ai
twilight.ai1,097 USDWhois.ai
bouncer.ai1,003 USDWhois.ai
heather.ai1,002 USDWhois.ai
personalized.ai1,001 USDWhois.ai

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