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Is domaining on the downslide?


From posts on Namepros and private conversations in the first two weeks I see some calling for domaining’s demise.

I finally got hold of a long time friend in the business who told me he just got into NFT’s and could care less about domain names. I was surprised as they have had decent success, not Berkens or Schilling type, but it’s been a profitable 15 years.

On Namepros MKT Sales Leads wrote:

Hence why virtually everyone has given up on domains and fled to Crypto and NFTs seemingly rolling in cash.

For various reasons (e.g. domaining is boring/too hard/slow to make money/no more good names left cos the oldies got in first/registry prices etc) Domains are seemingly like the party nobody wants to be at now.

So with all that down, I hearby declare domaining dead.

Long live NFTs and Crypto.

The overall thread topic was one poster stating most should give up. Marek from Brands International wrote:

In my opinion, most people here should probably quit domaining right now. By most I mean 95% – 98% people.

You guys must be massively loosing money. Why I think so:

You can read the full post at the link above, it was based on submissions from a domains wanted thread.

We all know those are tough. Most are trying to sell their bad names or names that mean nothing to them in those threads.

Personally I think domaining is fine, you probably just need to be more diversified and look into crypto and NFTs. If you can understand them and tolerate the risk, put together a plan and figure out if you want to delve in. It’s a personal decision that can be complicated due to bankroll, jurisdiction and other considerations.

2021 domain sales numbers show domaining is doing fine, but I do think every year becomes harder for the new investor. Unless they have a decent budget, it’s hard to hand register your way to consistent success and it’s those that probably see crypto or NFTs as easier.

I have certain twitter accounts that just follow crypto accounts and my take in 2021 was “Hell everyone is making a fortune!” Of course everyone is not, but from the tweet noise it was just a constant barrage of those kicking ass letting the world know they are on an incredible ride.

The key to investing is diversification, all eggs in one basket can look good for awhile but if you have enough assets, it’s probably wise to diversify.

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