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Consumer goods group acquires Salter.com Domain Name

I came across an article from TheBusinessDesk.com discussing that a UK-based consumer goods group acquires the Salter domain name following the 2021 takeover.

Oldham consumer goods group, Ultimate Products, has acquired the domain name, Salter.com.

Salter, which was established in 1760 is one of the UK’s oldest houseware brands, they currently operate on the domain name Salterhousewares.co.uk, for the Salter brand’s direct-to-consumer (DTC) eCommerce channel but that’s about to get a big upgrade to Salter.com

At present they don’t appear to own Salter.co.uk which was previously a developed website selling records a little different from Salter Housewares and their range of products which you can find on Amazon for example by clicking here to view.

Salter.com appears to have been acquired from Salter and Associates inc, based in Smyrna, Atlanta Georgia, they also own QuickCutSaw.com, UsedTrussEquipment.com, TrussTrader.com, and SalterAssociates.com they operate their website from at present, the price hasn’t been disclosed and we reached out to request further information, I suspect a five-figure sale but you never know… What do you think?

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