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Bruce Springstein / Goodwill Domaining

Domain Noob: No doubt there is a lot of shady stuff that goes on around domain names. And a lot of hate generated as a result. Occasionally I’ll see a domain dropping or in the auctions I think should rightfully belong to someone and rather than...
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Start a Conversation

Domain Noob: Did a domain you're interested in bring you to my site? Say Hello and let's talk about it.Name *FirstLastEmail *Comment or Message *NameSubmit The post Start a Conversation appeared first on iGoldRush Domain News and Resources.
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A Conversation

Domain Noob: Anywhere from 50 to 600 visits a day. Because my domains are pointed to the blog. Probably most visitors are simply curious to know if the domain they typed into their browser is available. But if you’re looking because you thought ...
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