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ICANN name servers come under attack

DomainIncite: ICANN’s primary name servers came under a distributed denial of service attack, the Org said earlier this week. The incident appears to have gone largely unnoticed outside of ICANN and seems to have been successfully mitigated befo...
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Price caps on .org could return, panel rules

DomainIncite: ICANN could be forced to reimpose price caps on .org, .biz and .info domains, an Independent Review Process panel has ruled. The panel handling the IRP cased filed by Namecheap against ICANN in February 2020 has decided to allow the regi...
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Verisign expects huge domain growth in 2021

DomainIncite: Verisign tonight significantly upgraded its estimate of how many .com and .net domains it expects to sell this year, citing an improving economy and increased growth in online commerce. CEO Jim Bidzos told analysts that it’s now ex...
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