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March 2023 Whois.ai auctions led by Merit.ai

The expired auctions at Whois.ai for March 2023 were led by Merit.ai. There were no five figure closing prices this month. 127 auctions in total for $97.4K. The average price was $767 The 25 four figure names: merit.ai 6,009 USD 2023-03-07 Whois.ai outlier.ai 5,951 USD 2023-03-07 Whois.ai chroma.ai 4,450 USD 2023-03-06 Whois.ai ladder.ai 4,200 USD […]

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AI-driven: WTF Does This Company Do?

AI-driven content will dominate every industry in the years to come. With ChatGPT only the beginning, artificial intelligence as the brains of content generation will lay down new pathways to creativity. A fine example is a project called “WTF Do...
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Verisign looking at ChatGPT-like name-spinner

Verisign is “looking closely” at overnight AI chatbot sensation ChatGPT to see if its technology can be incorporated into its name-spinner tool, NameStudio. CEO Jim Bidzos told analysts last week: “ChatGPT and NameStudio will actually help you find a similar and equally good or maybe even better name and we’re looking closely at ChatGPT to […]

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