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Want a .wallet #domain name? Now you can!

If you’re into crypto and are after related domains, rejoice. Unstoppable Domains has made available its .Wallet range of NFT domains (domains on the blockchain.) In doing so, Unstoppable Domains partnered with Trust Wallet, IMToken, Bread Wallet...
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Sell and buy #domains for #Bitcoin on 48hr.com

Bitcoin has appreciated 440% in a year and BTC is being adopted by major financial institutions worldwide, such as banks, hedge funds, and even PayPal. Domains are the quintessential “token” of the internet, so why not combine the two? On t...
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DEJ.com : How much is the all-Bitcoin sale worth now?

In August, Drew Rosener announced the all-Bitcoin sale of the three letter domain, DEJ.com. The deal involved no third parties, and no escrow: Drew handed over the domain once he received the Bitcoin. On that date, BTC was averaging $4,200 dollars, but right now it’s at $7,300 dollars, having been as high as $7,600 dollars. […]

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