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Formerly massive drop-catcher faces ICANN probe

Pheenix, which used to operate a network of hundreds of accredited registrars, now faces potentially losing its last remaining accreditation, due to an ICANN probe. ICANN told the US-based company in a breach notice last week that it faces additional a...
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ICANN finally cans Net 4 India

iCANN has terminated Net 4 India’s registrar accreditation, after many months of criticism and foot-dragging and a recent sharp uptick in customer complaints. The move comes after an unprecedented four concurrent public breach notices over 20 mon...
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153 registrars fingered for ICANN security probe

Registrars will be asked to account for abusive domain names found on their services, under a new ICANN security audit. ICANN says it will soon send requests for information to 153 registrars, asking them to provide documentation showing how they dealt...
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