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“Scammers flock to buy Libra domains”

Right after the Facebook announcement of Libra, I wrote an article about 1,000 Libra related names being registered almost immediately. The threat intelligence outfit Digital Shadows reported on all the registrations and that the company has already fo...
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Google says cryptocurrency is not real money

Google produced an ad for it’s latest call screening service, it takes a swing at cryptocurrency, with one of the actors saying cryptocurrency is not real money. Neer Varshney wrote about this on TheNextWeb.com From the article: The company banne...
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IDC.cc Sold for $3,500

Today: Google on Ranking Power of Keyword Domains / How much you can make with domain investing / Buying two word coin, token, crypto names .com only / And more! Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today: Accept offer or hold? Verifies.com – Verifies.com sold for $11,000.00 a few […]

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Coins.com or Crypto.com which would you prefer?

Things are back to heating up in the crypto domain space. Crypto.com sold, Coins.com even a name like EthEx.com closing for over $9,000 at NameJet. Crypto.com is being rumored to have sold for $12 million, Elliot Silver posted an article where a writer...
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Earn.com acquired

Coinbase is acquiring Earn.com, the company was formerly known as 21 Inc, they once were a maker of bitcoin mining hardware, they shifted gears to focus on using cryptocurrency to power a social network. On top of everything they get a valuable one wor...
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