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Short .ETH domains are kind of expensive

So a couple years ago Ethereum rolled out the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) The domains end in .ETH. During the rollout the .ETH domains had to be 7 characters or more. But now they are going to roll out the short .ETH domains. And they ain’t cheap...
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“Scammers flock to buy Libra domains”

Right after the Facebook announcement of Libra, I wrote an article about 1,000 Libra related names being registered almost immediately. The threat intelligence outfit Digital Shadows reported on all the registrations and that the company has already fo...
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Google says cryptocurrency is not real money

Google produced an ad for it’s latest call screening service, it takes a swing at cryptocurrency, with one of the actors saying cryptocurrency is not real money. Neer Varshney wrote about this on TheNextWeb.com From the article: The company banne...
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