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ICANN plays tough over Amazon dot-brands

ICANN has given Amazon and the governments of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization less than a month to sort out their long-running dispute over the .amazon gTLD. The organization’s board of directors voted on Sunday to give ACTO and the e-...
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ICANN pushes IANA under Conrad

ICANN chief technology officer David Conrad is now “overseeing” the IANA part of the organization, ICANN has announced. It doesn’t appear to be a promotion or change of job titles as much as a reporting structure adjustment made in th...
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More .amazon delay as governments cancel talks

The future of Amazon’s bid for .amazon has been cast into more doubt after South American governments cancelled talks with ICANN. The new secretary general of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization, Alexandra Moreira, wrote to ICANN CEO Göran...
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