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NameJet Scores a COOL $3K Emoji Domain Auction Close

It’s a been a few weeks since NameJet debuted its Premium .WS Emoji Domain Auction. In my opinion, the results have been interesting to say the least when compared to emoji domain auctions over at GoDaddy. GoDaddy has fallen completely off the map for emoji domain auctions in the last week or so, but that’s […]
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Verisign Q3 report shows a decrease of approximately 1.2 million domain name registrations, vs Q2 2017

Verisign released their Domain Name Industry Brief  for Q3 2017. Overall registrations were down vs the second quarter. Executive Summary The third quarter of 2017 closed with approximately 330.7 million domain name registrations across all top-level domains (TLDs), a decrease of approximately 1.2 million domain name registrations, or 0.4 percent from the second quarter of […]
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Verisign November trending keywords dominated by Crypto

Verisign released their November top trending keywords, coin was number one in .com and .net. With all the registrations for crypto,coin, bitcoin, etc… it’s no surprise. Domain wanted threads on Namepros have been flooded with crypto requests. .COM .NET coin coin crypto bit  bit  crypto  bitcoin first  coins  mail  ethereum  bitcoin  currency cash amazon buy […]
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Big week coming up for emoji domains

Alvin Brown posted an interesting article this morning on emoji domains. There are over 1200 emoji domains coming to GoDaddy auctions over the next week. From the article: Most days, the expired emoji domain search returns a handful of domains or, in m...
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12 years ago it was very different

12 years ago this past Friday was one of the moments in my domaining career that changed things for me. I had registered domains starting back in 1997 but it was November 2005, when I started the .tv forum on Namepros. Today there are tons of niches and people who focus on a narrow category […]
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new gTLDs made up 16 percent of the 2016 cases at WIPO

Ip-Watch.org published an article on the WIPO annual report. In that article William New broke down some statistics related to domain disputes. 2016 showed an increase of 10% in domain cases. From the article: In 2016, the total number of WIPO cybersquatting cases rose 10 percent, with a record 3,036 cases brought by trademark owners, […]

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