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Round 2 for Tema.com buyer did not pay $128,938

May 13 I wrote about Tema.com closing at $128,938 on DropCatch. The name is back on DropCatch so no one paid the first time. There just have to be better systems when you let people bid that high. Want to bid $50,000 send us a deposit, something these ...
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Tema.com just closed at $128,938

Tema.com just closed at $128,938 at DropCatch. The domain name was owned by a Swedish company named Rectus for years. Rectus was acquired by Parker Hannafin in 2007. The bidding popped from $109,137 to $128,888 by namecatching but the bidder determined...
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Shocking: Aged #domain name Soft.org dropped!

The aged, super-generic domain Soft.org dropped a few days ago. Domain-catching service, DropCatch, managed to re-register it on the drop; Soft.org was originally registered in 2000. The domain has been in the hands of a Korean registrant since then, b...
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DropCatch responds to Namepros members’ concerns on bidding activity

A thread that started a few days back with regards to bidding discrepancies has picked up steam on Namepros. Namepros member Arca got the thread started with regards to non paying bidders and domains that needed to be re-auctioned. At the heart of the matter was focus on the name CannaMarket.com which has been re-auctioned […]

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