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You’re a dumbass #domainer : RalphLauen.com

DomainGang: TGIF and this is another edition of our series “You’re a dumbass domainer,” dedicated to bidders of domain auctions that are obvious trademarks. Going after a previously registered domain for its traffic, all while the tr...
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Some Buyers Will Pay a Premium at GoDaddy

Domain Investing: There have been a number of times where I received a direct inquiry or offer on a domain name, and instead of doing a deal directly with my company, the buyer will purchase the domain name via GoDaddy, where I also have it listed for...
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One.com Acquires GratisDNS / Larsen Data

InternetNews.me: It looks like the merger and acquisition activity in the hosting and domain market isn’t slowing down. Multiple European and international hosting and domain name groups have been quietly, and not so quietly, expanding via acqui...
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