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Domain Names Owned by BullS

Robbie Ferguson: Domain Names Owned by “BullS” we all see the regular comments by BullS Domains on many of the domain name industry blogs, He has asked me to share his portfolio with the readers of Robbies... The post Domain Names Owned by...
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Why We Need Broadband Regulation

CircleID: Anybody that reads my blog posts knows that I am in favor of broadband regulation. I'm sure ISPs read this and wonder why — because who doesn't like being unregulated? My feelings on this go back to basic economics — monopolies m...
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My Favorite Aspect of Domain Investing

Domain Investing: Every morning, regardless of whether I am at home or traveling, I spend time reviewing upcoming domain name auctions. Looking at domain names coming up for auction while drinking my coffee is one of the only things in my routine that...
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