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Chili.com – Not what you would expect

Sully's Blog: Giorgio Tacchia is the Founder, President and CEO of the CHILI.  CHILI is an European digital entertainment player.  In August 2017 CHILI launched the only Entertainment Centred Marketplace.  A transactional service w...
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New gTLDs – Domain Investors Matter!

Whizzbangsblog: I don’t know about you but I’m getting really tired of some new gTLD registries treating domain investors as second-class citizens. So how are investors treated in this manner? It starts with language. There will be sta...
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New gTLDs: 2,700 subscribers on LinkedIn

Jean Guillon: Milestone: 2,700 members have joined the new gTLD group on LinkedIn: https://t.co/9kM2EX00XM#newgtlds #icann #LinkedIn #dotbrands— The new gTLDs' Club (@gtldclub) February 14, 2018 The post New gTLDs: 2,700 subscribers on LinkedIn appear...
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