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There Is No Artificial Intelligence

CircleID: It seems like most new technology today comes with a lot of hype. Just a few years ago, the press was full of predictions that we'd be awash with Internet of Thing sensors that would transform the way we live. We've heard similar claims for ...
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Asheville Domain Event is Delayed

Domain Investing: Earlier this morning, Rick Schwartz announced the Asheville domain investor event he had been planning for this Summer would be delayed indefinitely due to concerns about the Coronavirus: BREAKING!! I was supposed to sign the contrac...
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Bruce Springstein / Goodwill Domaining

Domain Noob: No doubt there is a lot of shady stuff that goes on around domain names. And a lot of hate generated as a result. Occasionally I’ll see a domain dropping or in the auctions I think should rightfully belong to someone and rather than...
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