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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday June 22nd

Domain Shane Domain Shane:
All eyes right now are on bitcoin and etherium but almost everyone agrees that blockchain is the real future. The problem is nobody knows how to invest in it.  Chain domains are one way and they have been doing OK.  I have a friend that got a good offer for one yesterday.  And it made me remember that I had a chain name.  Ironically its DomainChain.com.  I bought it because the hispanic guys at work call me Chain and I thought it was funny to have DomainChain go with DomainShane.com.   What’s really funny is it actually may have some value down the road.  I’m not sure how blockchain and domains will go together but I imagine it will somehow.  And I’ll be buying my Mexican friends a good meal in thanks. Here are today’s names. Click for most recent price  
Quote of the Day:  ” “A routine is not a routine if you have to think about it.” -Davis Love Jr.“
Domain of the Day:  Finclusion.com    Fintech
Namejet Auctions 
THC.co   One of the few dot co I would consider.  Hardly any bidders and THC is a pretty big cannabis word
QQF.com   More appeal to the Chinese market than the Western world.  Thus the price and the high bidder
Company33.com   One bidder likes it.  I think its more memorable than many of the names out there
ECH.com  Fantastic LLL.com with no reserve.  I could buy all day except for a few things holding me back, namely money
Emoticon.com   Everyone knows them but few will be able to afford this
SkisForSale.com    No bidders.  I would think there is an aftermarket for skis. 1999 domain
PrivateReg.com   Had this one on the list before but at that time I had no idea this was the British term for private license plates.  Huge business there.   Worth much more than I thought
LDLA.com   Los Angelos or Association
GetSomewhere.com  Great marketing name for a transportation company
LockCoin.com   Not a real thing yet but sounds so official
SolarSolutions.org  I would want the dot com but at no bidders its worth looking at this one
Sedo Auctions
Great Domains Auction Closes in a few hours.  Here are my favorite
CAN.com   Deep inside I hope it doesn’t sell so I can buy it down the road
VRK.com  Another VR LLL.com that has become much more valuable in the last few years
AcaiBerry.com   Not quite the rage it was a few years ago but still a super fruit
Hotspot.com   One of the best names up for auction in a while but not going to be cheap
All the rest of the names HERE
 Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids
Ansy.com    Not only a 4L.com, but pronounceable and 21 years old.  Doesn’t mean it will sell for big money to an enduser but its going to do real well at auction
VizBiz.com  1992 name for all you old domain people.  And judging by the bidding there is more than just a few out there
FirstFreedom.org   ‘merica
StemCellModification.com   because it will be part of medicine soon
RedGrass.com   Red anything (almost anything) makes a great brand
TrustChains.com  Remember what I said about chain domains.  The singular of this is worth much more.  and yes, I looked too.  Its taken
PayPit.com   Sounds like an in game place to cash out
PZCS.com    The Z takes it out of my want list but still in the Chinese list
LookUnique.com    Perfect name for today’s “look at me” generation.  (of course we were freakish looking in the 80s too so what do I know)
LegalCanvas.com    Legal zoom but with a different name
Domains That I Like With One or No Bids
BrandDrive.com “Take a trip to brand drive. Turn left to get it right ”
SportCook.com Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but maybe, and I mean maybe, a sports nutritionist
SnakeRiverGuides.com People are looking for this and the domain already ranks
MindSprocket.com techy, brainy sounding name. Weren’t any bidders when I wrote this
SeedResearch.com Billion dollar industry. $10 domain
IsDumb.com Best subdomain maker on the board
FollowTheCash.com Not going to sell it for a ton but decent marketing or blog name for under $50
WaterPine.com Not sure there is such thing but it sounds cool and its two known words. And that’s all we’re looking for in a brand
WagonRides.com 1999 domain. Everyone loves a wagon ride in the fall.
Other Names With Bids
313378.com363378.com573378.com673378.com94176.com973378.comab37.comair-jordan-11.comAlterCapital.comBabyWonders.comBasiclean.comBeerHero.comBeStairFryer.netBostonSpineGroup.orgBrandDrive.combto-football-picks.comCakeTheater.comCalebHannah.infoCarInsuranceMath.comCarIsurancefaq.comCertifiedMD.comCheapToday.comChiroContact.comClaireFarwellLondon.comCollegeDirectoryNetwork.comCozumel-mx.comdollhousecam.usEnterprisePost.comFacil.ccFloridaPhilharmonic.orgForYourNymphomation.comGitcasts.comGoFloats.comGoKnurbaki.comgregbifflefoundation.comHagase.comHealthySolutionsMagazine.netImdadate.netJamieBrooksFineArt.comKindlyPogmothoin.comLenaSledgeBlog.comLookingFancy.comMissionBlogger.comMoreInsurers.comNSBN.netNurseCoaching.infoOneDreams.comPakuya.compalerosecrochet.comPornGuideXxx.comPrePresStraining.comPrettyManly.comPrixPolice.comRateAService.comRaulCruz.comResilligent.comrohdysheatingandcooling.comSaludaInn.comSchertlerusa.comSciencescape.orgSeasonsFestivals.comSendVideoEmail.netSilverHosting.comsouqmarkat.comSteephopland.comSunStrollers.comSurchur.comTasteCafe.comTheCremeBruleeCart.comTheFitnessMap.comTheLathamHotel.comThePeoplesRapper.comTheRapids.netTheValleyOnline.netTruckeeTahoeHomeTours.comUFPfleet.orgUwasaleh.orgVentureCredit.comViewtubr.comwapboss24.comWebHostAdvisor.comWeldingWizard.comxShare.orgXTUE.comYocva.comHave a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. I Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct. I hand choose my names but I am paid to make this list by the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good
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The post Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday June 22nd appeared first on iGoldRush Domain News and Resources.

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Teller.io, the API for your bank account is getting a lot of attention on Y Combinator’s Hacker News

Morgan Linton Morgan Linton: There’s a new startup that’s trending like crazy on Y Combinator’s insanely popular Hacker News – Teller.io which is currently hanging out in the #2 spot with 425 points (which is a lot). It’s no secret that the .IO domain name extension has been a massive hit with startups, particularly anything targeting developers. Quick reminder, […]

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You Just Don’t Know With Facebook

I Want My Name I Want My Name: NPR ran a story yesterday about the fall of Upworthy, and how a simple Facebook algorithm change cut 75% of their traffic. Here’s a quote I found interesting:
In a statement to NPR, a Facebook spokesperson said, “It’s no secret there have been several improvements to News Feed in recent years. There has been clear communication about those updates, and why the community of people on Facebook wanted them — particularly in the instance of reducing clickbait and sensationalism.” That spokesperson also said Facebook stands by the reporting in The New York Times about why Upworthy clicks suffered.

So on the one hand, sure, Upworthy is clearly a bad thing for the state of journalism and clickbait headlines are the absolute worst, but on the other, the amount of power we’ve given Facebook is incredible. Basically, Facebook claims to not make editorial decisions, just decisions based on data – and with that data, they can completely crush the availability of content.
The problem is the premise of a News Feed that can be improved at all. You’ve probably read this a hundred times, but content on Facebook isn’t just served to people who “like” brands and follow people. It’s served up through an algorithm that supposedly knows what you want more than you do.
But isn’t that like signing up for email newsletters, but only getting the ones you consistently read through to the end? Shouldn’t you be the one who decides what you want and what you don’t? (Are we just going to let AI decide what culture we participate in?) In this case, tens of millions of people “liked” Upworthy, all on their own. But because, in this case, time-on-site was apparently low, Upworthy’s content just stopped being delivered. That’s crazy!
Now I still understand while some publishers feel the need to be on Facebook – the growth potential is enormous. But for a small business, should you really be spending your time on a platform that A. won’t serve all your content by design, and B. might penalize your content based on a metric you aren’t aware of? Say what you will about Facebook for individuals, but organic Facebook posting for brands seems like a bad idea that’s only going to get worse. Allocate your time elsewhere.

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Dollar Rates

Domain Flipper: The decline of the dollar makes US-based products' prices very favorable. Compared to the euro, the dollar has in recent years lost much ground. Almost three years ago, the dollar still was worth nearly 90 euro cents, while now only ha...
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Three Reasons Why Broadband Is So Unreliable

CircleID: We all take the predictability and reliability of other utilities for granted. So why is broadband such a frustrating exception? Why do our Skype calls fail mid-way? What makes Netflix buffer like crazy? How come our gaming sessions are so l...
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Cloud Computing and Digital Divide 2.0

CircleID CircleID: Internet connectivity is the great enabler of the 21st century global economy. Studies worldwide unequivocally link increases in Internet penetration rates and expansion of Internet infrastructure to improved education, employment rates, and overall GDP development. Over the next decade, the Internet will reinvent itself yet again in ways we can only imagine today, and cloud computing will be the primary operating platform of this revolution.

But not for everyone. Worldwide, the estimated Internet penetration rate ranges between 44% and 50%, much of which is through less productive mobile devices than desktop workstations. Overall, Internet penetration rates in developed countries stand at over twice that of underdeveloped economies. For many, high-quality Internet services are simply cost-prohibitive. Low-quality infrastructure and devices, unreliable connectivity, and low data rates relegate millions to a global online underclass that lack the resources and skills necessary to more fully participate in the global economy. First recognized as early as the 1990s, these persistent quantitative inequities in overall availability, usability, etc., demarcate a world of Internet "haves" and "have not's" known commonly as the "Digital Divide".

In the decade to come, cloud computing and computational capacity and storage as a service will transform the global economy in ways more substantial than the initial Internet revolution. Public data will become its own public resource that will drive smart cities, improve business processes, and enable innovation across multiple sectors. As the instrumented, data-driven world gathers momentum, well-postured economies will begin to make qualitative leaps ahead of others, creating an even greater chasm between the haves and have not's that we will call Digital Divide 2.0.

At one end of the chasm are modern information-driven economies that will exploit the foundational technologies of the initial Internet revolution to propel their economies forward as never before. In particular, cloud technologies will unleash new capabilities to innovate, collaborate and manage complex data sets that will facilitate start-ups, create new jobs, and improve public governance.

Meanwhile, many in the developing world will continue to struggle with the quantitative inequities of the first Digital Divide. Developing economies will very likely continue to make some progress; however, their inability to rapidly bridge the Internet capacity gap will inhibit them from fully participating in the emerging, instrumented economies of the developed world. Failing to keep pace, these economies will continue to face the perennial problems of lack of investment, lack of transparency within public institutions, and a persistent departure of talent to more developed economies.

In the early 1990s, there was much sloganeering — and some real public policy—in the United States regarding the development of "information superhighways" that would connect schools and libraries nationwide. Information sharing across educational institutions provided the critical mass for launching today's emerging information economy. However, implementation was uneven, and since that time there remain winners and losers, both nationally and globally.

As cloud computing emerges as the principal operating platform for the next-generation information economy, we are again challenged by many of the same questions from two decades ago: who will benefit most from the upcoming revolution? Will progress be limited solely to wealthy urban and suburban centers, already hard-wired with the necessary high-capacity infrastructure, and flush with raw, university-educated talent? Will poorer and rural economies be left to fall that much further behind?

Not necessarily. Industry experts and economists worldwide broadly recognize the tremendous latent economic value of cloud. Clever public-private partnerships in cloud adoption are reinvigorating and transforming municipalities. Shaping public policy begins with recognizing the transformative power of this technology and the role it can play in enabling a wide range of economic sectors.

Lowering barriers. As cloud lowers the cost of entry into competitive markets, it enables entrepreneurial growth in developing or depressed economies.
Education and professional development. Cloud will radically alter the entire higher education and career development system in the next decade. Smart public policy can ensure that these benefits extend to typically underserved communities and sectors.
Government transparency. Public sector cloud adoption facilitates e-government services and enables greater public participation in governance, all of which can engender greater confidence in public administration and attract investments.
Now is the time for public sector authorities, private enterprise, and global thought leaders to develop creative approaches to ensure some level of equity in global information technology access. Engagement now may help avoid repeating and exacerbating the original Digital Divide and posture cloud computing as a global enabler, rather than a global divider.
Written by Michael McMahon, Director, Cyber Strategy and Analysis at Innovative Analytics & TrainingFollow CircleID on TwitterMore under: Access Providers, Broadband, Cloud Computing, Data Center, Policy & Regulation

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AUCTION RECAP OF JUNE 20, 2017 + Sedo Weekly Sales

Domain Shane Domain Shane: A comprehensive look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the auction list posted on June 20, 2017. 
If there is an asterisk (*) next to a price, it means that the name was at auction from a private seller (rather than an expiring name) and may have had a reserve.  I’m only showing where the price was when the auction ended, but the name may not have sold if a reserve was in place.
Save Money With Daddy Bulk Domain Registration

fbi.netAt 1,049 GBP with a day left
vrk.comAt 11,700 EUR with a day left
Can.comAt $90,000 with a day left
nyf.comAt $35,000 with a day left
Hotspot.comAt $10,101 with a day left
At $1,100 with a day left
At $109 with a day left
Top 10 Namejet sales for yesterday as listed on Namebio.
zev.com $25,000
weida.com $24,301
blackcreek.com $3,475
ilei.com $2,300
r43.com $1,900
lifetimefinancial.com $1,511
wbcd.com $1,300
itsworldcongress.org $1,300
gaudiallgaudi.com $1,300
cqls.com $1,209
Sedo Weekly Sales

The post AUCTION RECAP OF JUNE 20, 2017 + Sedo Weekly Sales appeared first on DSAD.

The post AUCTION RECAP OF JUNE 20, 2017 + Sedo Weekly Sales appeared first on iGoldRush Domain News and Resources.

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