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Why and How .com Didn’t Impact This Interactive Startup

If you’re like most business and personal brands, then you’ve likely heard and read numerous stories about the importance of securing a .com domain for your brand. And while that is true, there have been a growing number of business and personal brands that have defied the “must be on .com to be successful” mantra […]

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Exchanging a .COM for a .IO Digital Presence

From Slither.io to Clothes.io to CodePen.io to a growing list of personal and company brands, .io domains have become the darling domain of tech startups and domain investors. The Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for .io was originally assigned to the British Indian Ocean Territory before tech world dubbed it “input/output” domain for the […]
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7 Common Pitfalls of Domain Leasing

When most people think of leasing, they tend to think of common things such as vehicles, buildings and land to name a few. But what most fail realize is that domain names are high on the list of things to be frequently leased. Although leasing is nothing new under the sun, domain lease agreements often […]
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One Critical Action to Take Before Starting a Blog

While settling down and preparing for the next day, I took a quick break to visit Domaining.com to discover any breaking domain industry news. If you’re not familiar with Domaining.com, it’s a curation of publishers and bloggers that produce newsworthy content in regards to the domain industry news. In fact, you’ll likely find a few […]
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