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Root servers whacked after crypto change

The DNS root servers came under accidental attack from name servers across the internet following ICANN’s recent changes to their cryptographic master keys, according to Verisign. The company, which runs the A and J root servers, said it saw requ...
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The internet is still working after KSK roll

The first-ever change to the security keys at the top of the DNS tree appears to have been a non-event. While ICANN received reports of some disruptions after last Thursday’s KSK rollover, the impact appears to have fallen short of the millions o...
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ICANN just came thiiis close to breaking the internet

ICANN has decided to postpone an unprecedented change at the DNS root after discovering it could break internet for potentially millions of users. The so-called KSK Rollover was due to go ahead on October 11, but it’s now been pushed back to — tentatively — some time in the first quarter 2018. The delay was […]
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