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Efty’s DAN.COM integration is now live

Efty’s DAN.COM integration is now live for all Efty users as announced. Doron Vermaat, Efty Co-Founder & Head of Product, said that the the first successful transaction that was processed through this partnership was the sale of Komodo.ai whi...
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LMX.com opens to all liquid domains

LMX.com is opening to all liquid domains – regardless of their EstiBot appraised value. This means that now you can list all your 4 letter .com and 5 number .com domains. LMX account is an investor-only domain trading platform for liquid domains....
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DAN creates new domain financing tool

DAN created a new domain financing (lease to own) tool that is officially launching today. According to DAN the new domain financing tool does not need any negotiations between the seller and the buyer, it saves times, sells more domains and generates ...
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Escrow.com now accepts Australian dollars

Escrow.com announced that it now accepts Australian dollars to its escrow service. Escrow.com also accepts USD and Euro. Escrow.com can be used for secure transactions involving any item of value, including domain names, vehicles, machinery, aircraft, ...
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The Escrow.com platform API is now available in public beta

The Escrow.com platform API is now available in public beta. The Escrow API can be used for payments for your website, mobile app or marketplace with no chargebacks, ever. With no minimum fee and priced as low as 0.89%, the Escrow.com Platform API is cheaper than credit cards and many other online payment methods. Escrow.com …

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