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Namejet and Web.com are a damn disgrace

Namejet, Web.com and all their other companies including Network Solutions, Register.com and Snapnames are a damn disgrace to this industry and their deserve to go under, close and relieve us from their pitiful existence. This is no coincidence that th...
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8 years of OnlineDomain.com!

Time really flies. It has been 8 years since I started this blog and I still enjoy writing it every day. Believe it or not this is post number 4,450 for my blog. OnlineDomain.com is now closing in to 2 million unique views and 25,000 comments. I want t...
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Mike Mann writes EPIC comment!

Mike Mann wrote an EPIC comment on my post about him dropping 50,000. The comment covers several different subjects including buying and selling domain names. To get some context you should first read these 3 posts before reading Mike Mann’s comm...
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