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GoDaddy domain auctions: The problems never end

So GoDaddy supposedly fixed the problem where domains would get renewed or transferred out after a GoDaddy auction had ended and paid for. But today I was going through my bank statement from March and I noticed a refund from GoDaddy. I checked my acco...
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Neustar and .Biz domains want no price caps too!

ICANN is now proposing lifting price cap provisions for .biz domains too. This came shortly after the proposals to lift price caps for .org and .info domains. Of course Neustar, the biz registry, would sure like to get what Afilias and PIR want and ICA...
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I am renewing my best domain names for 5+ years

In the past year or so I have decided that whenever I make a sale I will use some of the money for renewals. I am not talking about the normal renewals that I usually do every 3-4 months and are quite costly. I am talking about using 3-4% of the money ...
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