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$146,000 Gross Profit in 3 Months: Lucky Sale or Perfectly Researched? With Richard Dynas

Richard Dynas did his research and purchased a domain name for 40 percent of what he thought was a realistic retail sales price.

But after a couple of failed attempts to sell the domain name, he focused his energy on outbound marketing, and – with a little bit of luck – he found the "highest and best use case" business for his domain name.

By focusing on outbound marketing, Dynas maximized his return: a cool $146,000 on a $4,000 investment.
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Turning an $800 Buy into a $15,800 Sale in 3.5 Months – With Joshua Schoen

Today's show features an investor who was less than a year into investing when he picked up a killer keyword that perfectly matched the .io TLD.

And he knew it because the offers came in fast during his first few months of ownership.

Listen in as he shares the entire process he went through to flip the name – from buying, to offering for sale, to fielding offers, to negotiating and closing the sale.
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