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Sedo’s Great Domains Auction: 20 Domains Have Hit Reserve, Led By DCR.com, ICT.com

Sedo’s Great Domains auction ends tomorrow and is looking at another solid sell through rate this month, with 20 of the 79 domains already having hit reserve. Bidding on those 20 domains has exceeded $85,000, and is not surprisingly led by two LLL.com: DCR.com and ICT.com. The balance of the domains that have hit reserve is a mixture of LLLL.com, LLL.de, and a few .de IDN domains. The big domain that could really swing the overall sales figures is the two letter EZ.com. Elliot Silver noted that the domain previously had been marketed at an even $1 million. With bidding currently sitting at $430,000, I’m guessing the domain has a significant distance to run up in price before hitting reserve. For comparison’s sake, the last two LL.com domains that have sold at auction are GJ.com at $694,095 and SX.com at $555,050. Both were sold via NameJet within the past four months. Below is a list of the domains that have met reserve, as well as a few other notable domains. Reserve Met and Will Sell DCR.com ICT.com JP.tv Feuerlöscher.de (IDN) Republique.com Selbstständig.de (IDN) Flügel.de (IDN) SportsEvent.com Wintermäntel.de LOC.de CUO.de ODQA.de SAZF.com LOE.de NUD.de UNKQ.com QXUW.com VZJV.com XQGV.com UZXW.com Some Other Notable Domains EZ.com AIE.com Blog.de DBU.com Japan.tv FixedLoans.com AdjustableLoans.com Return.net The auction ends tomorrow morning, and you can check out the entire listing and current prices here.

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