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.museum soon could be open to all (no haters please)

The 15-year-old .museum gTLD could soon be open to a great many more potential registrants, following an ICANN contract renewal. The registry, MuseDoma, has negotiated a new Registry Agreement that rewrites eligibility rules to the extent that soon basically anyone should be able to register a name. Since the gTLD went live back in 2002, […]
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Verisign to keep price increase power under new .net contract

The wholesale price of a .net domain is likely to top $15 by 2023, under a proposed renewal of its ICANN contract revealed today. ICANN-imposed price caps are staying in the new Registry Agreement, but Verisign retains the right to increase its fees by 10% in each of the six years of the deal’s lifespan. […]
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Bloomberg Loses URS on the new gTLD Domain Name Bloomberg.Site

Bloomberg just lost a Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) on the new gTLD domain name Bloomberg.Site which is owned by someone in China. The URS was not answered by the domain holder. The Examiner Terry F. Peppard found  that Bloomberg holds a valid national registration for the trademark and service mark BLOOMBERG, on file with the […]

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