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Dramatically Speed Up Your Website in a Just a Few Minutes

It’s no secret that Google incorporates your web site’s load time into its rankings, Matt Cutts announced the change in April 2010. Optimizing your site to load quickly can be a time-consuming endeavor, there are many different areas to address including: Loss-less compression of images. Turning multiple UI images into sprites. Minifying Javascript and CSS. […]
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If You Use Google Analytics You Must Read This

Google Analytics is a great piece of software, but it has a major flaw in the way it tracks average time on site and bounce rate. Let’s take the worst-case scenario as an example; someone visits your site, spends five minutes reading an article, but has no further interaction with your site and then leaves.  […]
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Increase Ad Revenue and Advertiser Retention by 10% Overnight

Many of you reading this own at least one developed website with paid advertisers.  If you aren’t following these simple tips, you aren’t serving your advertisers as well as you could be and you are leaving money on the table.  I’m talking about ad blocking software that is available for free for most browsers. A […]
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