Bitcoin hitting $1million? one man thinks so

John McAfee is 72 years old, founded one of the best known anti virus companies and is predicting Bitcoin will hit $1million by 2020. He has promised to eat his own dick if it does not. Here is one of the better and more interesting conversations you w...
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Etsy fails to get domain name in cybersquatting complaint

Panel makes the right decision but I understand why Etsy was upset. Homemade goods and crafts site has lost a dispute it filed with the National Arbitration Forum to get the domain name The case was doomed because the owner of the domain, PortMedia Holdings, registered it four years before Etsy started. In […]

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Custom RAT Attacks South Korean Organizations

After it's running on a compromised machine, UBoatRAT checks for virtualization software such as VMWare, VirtualBox, QEmu, and tries to obtain Domain Name from the network parameters. In case the threat finds a virtual environment or fails to get the domain name, it shows a fake error message and ...
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