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Researchers Expose Over 320 Million Hashed Passwords

CircleID CircleID: A group of security researchers have succeeeded in cracking over 320 million passwords which were made public in an encrypted blacklist. CynoSure Prime, a “password research collective” reports: "Earlier this month (August 2017) Troy Hunt founder of the website Have I been pwned? released over 319 million plaintext passwords compiled from various non-hashed data breaches, in the form of SHA-1 hashes. Making this data public might allow future passwords to be cross-checked in a secure manner in the hopes of preventing password re-use, especially of those from compromised breaches which were in unhashed plaintext. ... Out of the roughly 320 million hashes, we were able to recover all but 116 of the SHA-1 hashes, a roughly 99.9999% success rate. In addition, we attempted to take it a step further and resolve as many 'nested' hashes (hashes within hashes) as possible to their ultimate plaintext forms."
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