Daily Domain Picks 8-20-17

Daily Domain Picks 8-20-17   Go Daddy Auction Picks 8-20-17 Powered by ExpiredDomains.com uPortfolio.com has 0 bids but I kind of like it, I like it more for a development project than to resell. DealCore.com another one with little interest so far, not bad. Motch.com solid pronounceable 5L.com. Currently at $320. Full List Allox.com Awook.com […]
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Trademark trouble : Has Google become a generic word?

Is “Google” a generic word, devoid of its trademark status? Two entrepreneurs are asking the Supreme Court to deliver a decision: Should Google lose its trademark due to the term being used as a verb? Lawyers for David Elliott and Chris Gillespie are urging the court to hear an appeal of a recent decision by […]

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