Danish flowers : Rick Schwartz schools Queen.dk on RDNH

Rick Schwartz won the Queen.com UDRP with a RDNH finding, and he’s been busy schooling the Danish florist, Queen.dk. Knud Jepsen A/S has been added to the HallOfShame repository of UDRP aggressors, linking the Queen.dk owners to a despicable practice against a generic domain. The Domain King also broke his blogging silence, posting after months […]

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Domain inquiries : Turn off that autoresponder email

Communicating on a platform such as the Uniregistry Market can have its challenges. I recently mentioned how some inquiries assume the Uniregistry domain selling platform is a live chat of shorts; Uniregistry is working on adding a note that describes the response expectations. Another issue I came across that isn’t really a glitch, is the […]
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... Record for .MERCKMSD. (Generic top-level domain) ... Technical Contact. Name Servers. This domain is not present in the root zone at this time.
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Daily Domain Picks 6-30-17

Daily Domain Picks 6-30-17   Go Daddy Auction Picks 6-30-17 Powered by ExpiredDomains.com Full List AimHigher.org BestOutfit.com BigSet.com BonusTracker.com BookForBook.com BrightUnits.com CAConnect.com CNI.us DenmarkExperts.com DomainNameOptimization.com EnglandData.com EverydayPost.com GadgetBrain.com IcelandExperts.com IrelandExperts.com Jemasia.com KnightsElite.com LaserStop.com Lenlo.com LLR.biz Lohas.com LondonRecipes.com MalaysiaExperts.com MenuPanda.com NorwayExperts.com PanamaExperts.com PioneerPros.com PlannerForLife.com PolandExperts.com PoweredByTeens.com PrivateSecurityService.com RABS.com Scrunge.com ShopForEducation.com StopOn.com StrongCup.com SwedenExperts.com SwitzerlandExperts.com TerrificCorp.com ThinkingWave.com […]
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Google no longer bolding keywords in domain names

Another blow to domain names in search. Domain names and URLs that contain terms people search for on Google have long been thought to have some sort of advantage. For a while, Google seemed to give preference to “exact match domains”. Then it tweaked the algorithm to downplay this, at least for low-quality sites that […]

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