100 Items Related to Design .COM and More Reg Fee Opps

Today’s Treat List 100+ Reg Fee Opps Discovered TODAY on a Custom Research Project Related to the Following Topic: Design, Designs, Designed, Designer, Designers, Designing and MORE… in .COM .NET and Others… Enjoy the List – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 1DayDesigns.com […]
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.CLUB HQ trashed by Irma, nobody hurt

.CLUB Domains returned to its new digs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida yesterday to find the building trashed by hurricane Irma. Fortunately, none of the .club gTLD registry’s 17 employees were hurt during Irma, the category 5 hurricane which lashed Florida over the weekend. Irma caused at least 10 reported deaths in the state and untold […]
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.CLUB Office Demolished by Hurricane Irma

Whizzbangsblog: I have a lot of friends in Florida and many of them have suffered and are suffering as a result of hurricane Irma. Natural disasters are often terrifying and the wake of destruction they leave behind in both property damage and emotio...
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Equifax Breach Blamed on Open-Source Software Flaw

CircleID CircleID: Equifax has blamed a flaw in the software running its online databases for the massive breach revealed last week that has allowed hackers to steal personal information of as many as 143 million customers. Kevin Dugan reporting in the New York Post: "Hackers were able to access the info — including Social Security numbers — because there was a flaw in the open-source software created by the Apache Foundation ... STRUTS is a widely available software system that's used by about 65 percent of Fortune 100 companies, including Lockheed Martin, Citigroup, Vodafone, Virgin Atlantic, Reader's Digest, Office Depot, and Showtime — plus the IRS, according to lgtm, a software development group."
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