PayPal enables instant fund transfers to a debit card

PayPal is rolling out a feature allowing almost instant transfers of funds to qualified debit cards. By linking a qualified debit card to your PayPal account, you can move funds to it within 30 minutes, as opposed to waiting for a minimum of one day. The feature costs $0.25 dollars per transfer, and it’s not […]

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ParkLogic Next – Part 1

Whizzbangsblog Whizzbangsblog:
It’s not often that I directly highlight what my own company, ParkLogic, has been working on to better monetise domain traffic. This time I’m going to make an exception. We’re really excited to announce that several weeks ago we completed the migration of the last of the ParkLogic clients onto our new Next platform.

Around 3 years ago, based upon all the knowledge we’d gained monetising domain traffic over the previous 8 years we made the decision to completely redevelop the ParkLogic platform from the ground up. At the time we had huge aspirations about the development being a 12 month project but like many things involving technology it took a little bit longer… just over 18 months longer. This was largely the result of an unending stream of awesome ideas!

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