doctor, baby, blog at EnCirca now

General Availability  – first-come, first-serve:

.doctor - $100

Sunrise – for Trademark Owners Only:

.baby – $600

Landrush – Available at special pricing before general availability:

.blog - $225

Find out more about our sunrise, landrush and general availability offerings on our new gTLD page.

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The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

When my parents were teenagers, they hung out at drive-ins. My generation hung out in malls (I am 47). And at arcades and roller skating rinks, which were many times located in malls. Kids today hang out online (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). With their heads buried in their phones, are they really any less social… Read More »
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More .CA Summer Sales and Aug 3 TBR Back at the August 3 .ca TBR, a total of 159 domains were caught.  The bigger story around that time was all the .ca domain sales reported by Uniregistry. The following sales came to light in the late July / early August period.  I've also listed how some of these domains are being used now.  -  $36,000  - sold at Uniregistry (a loan website for car loans, go figure!
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.CA Domain Sales and Catching up from July TBR My last post was back in July, what can I say it's been a very busy summer and early fall!  I did manage to save some of the TBR results since that time and will post the ones I have until I'm caught up again. First, there were some great .ca domain sales reported back in July from Uniregistry.  -  $25,000  -  sold at Uniregistry (Eau is the french word for Water)
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