In harsh tones, ccNSO rejects NomCom appointee

DomainIncite DomainIncite: ICANN’s Country Code Names Supporting Organization has rejected the appointment to its Council of a Canadian registry director. Saying NomCom ignored long-standing guidance to avoid appointing registry employees, the ccNSO Council has said the recent naming of Marita Moll to the role is “unacceptable”. Moll will have to choose between sitting on the Council and […]

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Personal Musings – Learning to Relax…

Whizzbangsblog Whizzbangsblog:
It may seem a little strange but one of the problems that I constantly wrestle with is learning to relax. I go on a holiday and spend the first week thinking about all the things that I could be doing with the time back in my businesses. This is a crazy state of mind as many of us are working long hours just so we can have a great vacation……and there we go spoiling it.

I’m so used to my life’s accelerator flat to the floor that lifting my foot and coasting for a while just seems a little unnatural. It was with a little bit of apprehension that I succumbed to my wife’s desire to have an extended 5-week break. For some stupid reason she suggested that I really needed it. Go figure???

I have no idea how my wife knows these sorts of things but I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s a genius. She just seems to know things about me that I tend to ignore….and having a break is one of them. I have a suggestion for you.....go and thank your significant other for keeping you together rather than letting you become a workaholic.

We’re now a week into our European vacation. We’ve been through Buckingham Palace in London, Versailles Palace, stayed in the Trianon Palace (got a great deal btw), seen the Bayeux tapestry and the D-day beaches. We’re now back in Paris and about to head off to the Louvre…..and I feel great!

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Daily Domain Picks 10-2-17

Daily Domain Picks 10-2-17   Go Daddy Auction Picks 10-2-17 Powered by I think of Bakery, over 30 bids and currently at $921. has 14 bids, currently at $155. no bids currently, might be worth a cheap spec. Full List […]
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Domain rebranding : Mini Doughnut Factory against Mini Donut Mill

It’s donuts against doughnuts in Tampa, and a legal battle between Patrick Ruddell’s “Mini Doughnut Factory” against the “Mini Donut Mill” ended with some serious domain rebranding. Chef Patrick’s business, selling delicious mini doughnuts for hours on end daily, is without any dispute very successful. Almost two years old, the business is thriving, and in […]

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Pics : Sedo kills it at the Cologne Marathon

Sedo employees and officers changed from their office outfits and into more sporty apparel on Sunday, participating in the Cologne Marathon. Headquartered in Cologne, Germany, Sedo is in sync with the local community, displaying a strong, fun company culture. The event was definitely rewarding, as camaraderie among the Sedo folks ensured a great race for […]

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