The man who almost registered

In the early days of the commercial Internet, domain names were free. One had to ask, in order to get, however, and the process required manual labor, along with the ability to circumvent the bureaucratic process imposed by the domain manager’s operators, including Jon Postel. Up until the summer of 1995 that domain names became […]

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Namecheap review

There's no option to leave your choice of domain name until later. You can set up the hosting with Namecheap's free .name domain, though, and ...
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Amazon shutting down division that owns and

News from Amazon today is they are shutting down their Quidsi division, and are both a part of that division. From  Bloomberg first reported and the company confirmed to Axios. Amazon acquired the company for $545 million in 2011. “We have worked extremely hard for the past seven years to get Quidsi […]
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