Domain Memes : The Shillbid Redemption

Domain Memes is a section on DomainGang where we poke fun at various current events in the domain industry; quite often, to emphasize important, funny or extraordinary elements of domain investing in a meme. Today’s subject is the published allegations of bidder misconduct (“domain shill bidding”) at NameJet, and while the investigation is ongoing, one […]

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Company Domain Movers:,

dotWeekly dotWeekly: Welcome to Domain Movers! We keep track of corporate domain name transactions and report those findings to you. These early detection’s are often related to branding, marketing and advertising efforts by companies around the world.
Here are the latest domain movements detected:
Biogen Inc. registered adding to the 1,700 other domain names they own.
Spaceship Financial Services Pty Ltd has acquired almost the perfect domain, via domain name aftermarket service Sedo. The Australian company currently uses and … Read the rest
Company Domain Movers:, DavidJones.comJamie Zoch

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Daily Domain Picks 7-20-17

Daily Domain Picks 7-20-17 The discussion picked up on Wednesday, some interesting stories from owners bidding on auctions, to someone trying to force an owner to transfer a domain by force. Registrars marking up your names became another hot topic. Go Daddy Auction Picks 7-20-17 Powered by 7 four letter .coms on the list […]
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