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“If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?” – T.S. Eliot You may have heard of, which is a new way to buy and sell cars. They will get your car sold in 30 days or less, or they will buy it from you themselves for the… Read More »
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A review of the UDRP Decisions at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for the last 6 months shows a marked increase in the number of cases decided in favor of the Respondent Domain Name Holder along with an increase in finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking by Complainants. This is our Semi-Annual Report of […]
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In reviewing the decisions of panels of the NAF during the last 6 months, it appears more and more likely, that if you are a trademark holder complaining against a domain name registrant, your chances of prevailing are extremely favorable. This is, of course, bad news for the average domain name investor. This is our […]
Continue reading Picked in last .CA TBR Drop of June I don't know where July and the first part of August went, things have been pretty busy for me and a lot of time spent away from home.  And then there was the Euro 2016 in July, and the Rio Olympics that just finished (not that I went to either, but I did watch some).  Summer will be ending in a couple of weeks, and then we're on to the time of year that is typically a robust one
Continue reading a Slick Pick in June 22 .CA TBR Drop This week's June 22 .ca TBR drop returned a similar number of domains as last week's, with 169 .ca domains grabbed. First, there was one .ca domain sale reported this week:  -  sold for $7,500  - via DNS This domain was sold to the BC Safety Authority in Vancouver and is a nice short alternative to their current domain,  I imagine
Continue reading Rides the Wave in June 15 .CA TBR Drop Last week's June 15 .ca TBR drop returned more domains than the previous week, with a total of 181 .ca domains that were caught.  As you can see in the list below, there were some nice one and two word generics available in this drop. As for .ca sales, there was one .ca domain sale reported at last week.  That domain was:  -  $4,000 US  - 
Continue reading Harvested in June 8 .CA TBR Drop The TBR drop results were low at the start of June, with only 134 .ca domains taken in the June 8 drop. Perhaps the biggest news today is that Lionel Messi and Argentina will be taking on team USA in the Copa America this evening.  It should be a very interesting game whatever happens, watching Barcelona's Messi take on a mostly MLS-based squad of US players.  Will Argentina
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