Thinking Big

Damn that Elon Musk! I create a site solving the mystery of why some women’s shirts get tiny holes in them (; he builds the world’s largest electric car company (Tesla). I create The Fart Name List; he sends rockets into space. And, in his spare time, he is designing Hyperloop (the fastest, most ambitious… Read More »
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Experian Registered in 2009 – Conspiracy Theorists Rejoice

Written by Brad Hayes 10/2/15 It seems that even companies that offer data breach resolution services, can find themselves the victim of a massive intrusion by hackers, isn’t it ironic, don’t ya think, a little too ironic… I discovered today that Experian, who unfortunately was the recent victim of an attack that has left 15 […]

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Are All The Good Domains Taken?

Surprisingly, this is a very controversial question. It plays a central part right now in a big lawsuit, where Verisign (they run the .com domain system) is suing (they run the .xyz domain system) and its CEO Daniel Negari for among other things talking badly about .com domains. Verisign specifically takes issue with the… Read More »
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Domain Inquiry Analysis: Researching Offers to Maximize Domain Sales

Combining domain parking with domain inquiries is the ultimate combination for domain names that are not developed. The practice of parking domain names at a venue such as Sedo, Bodis or Domain Name Sales serves a dual purpose: To generate “pay per click” revenue from the ads displayed at the landing page associated with the […]

Domain Inquiry Analysis: Researching Offers to Maximize Domain Sales DotSauce Magazine

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The Future of the Internet Belongs to India

By Zak Muscovitch On my recent trip to India for the DomainX conference, I found that the excitement and anticipation among Indians was palpable. India stands on the precipice of becoming the single most powerful force on the Internet. Peering over...
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Expensive Potatos for Sale on Flippa

After the success of an evil Glitter site auction, another novelty website sale caught my attention on flippa today . is a website that allows you to send a message to friends or foes via a .. potato for $9.99.  The site received a lot of media attention and was featured in many news outlets which spurred its…
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