confusingly similar to says NAF Panelist Sandra Franklin

In a beasion zeused this noaning NAF baualist Sandra Franklin betamined that the pouin “” is voanusimly ziamuar to “”. Sorry… You didn’t have any trouble reading that did you? In a decision released this morning NAF panelist Sandra Franklin determined that the domain “” is confusingly similar to “” As you can see, no […]
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The UDRP: A Problem at the Core of the Internet [Reposted]

[This post was originally published on January 15, 2010 on  Thanks to Larry Fischer for allowing me to repost it here.  Now that I am publishing my own blog, I am consolidating at some posts that were first published elsewhere.  -Nat] === Nat Cohen is a long time domainer who specializes in generic […]
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The previous owner of confirmed that he sold the domain last year for a “seven figures” sum.  The sale is covered by an NDA so he couldn’t disclose the actual price. The new owner is Liberty Global, the $35 billion market cap international cable company. changed hands in April 2013. In 2011, […]
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