Two Firms to Host Free GDPR Webinar

Domain Investing: I think changes to privacy laws are going to pose an additional challenge to those who invest in domain names. More specifically, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will make it more difficult for domain investo...
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ICE seized 50000+ fake websites on Cyber Monday

Several thousand copyright-infringing website domain names and third-party marketplace links selling counterfeit pharmaceuticals, automotive parts and other fake items to unsuspecting consumers have been criminally and administratively seized and remov...
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ICE targets fake websites on Cyber Monday

There were roughly 50,385 illegal domain names seized and 320,701 e-commerce / social media links removed over the past year as part of Operation In Our Sites / Project Transatlantic VIII, a joint initiative between U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforce...
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First and now sells for $15,000

Namepros member Ammudamus (Ammar from Legacy Fund) reported he sold for $15,000 on his own. I remember being talked about way back by another Namepros member, JMT1. He was last seen on Namepros back in April of 2010. He was looking to develop the website, his last post on Namepros: Hi folks. I’m […]
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A simple, authoritative domain name that would serve well as a brand for a cannabis dispensary or infused product line. ... These domain names are available for purchase direct from their respective owners: we work with, the leading online e...
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Will Bitcoin break $10,000 this week?

Morgan Linton: A little bit ago when Bitcoin was at $5,000 I thought that just had to be as high as it could go, now this week the cryptocurrency is expected to cross the $10,000 mark. I’m one of those people who bought Bitcoin years ago, and so...
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