ICANN Fighting Fake Website Profiles

DomainPulse.com: There are currently over 40,000 profiles on the icann.org website, but ICANN has become aware that many of these are fake despite instituting security measures like two-factor authentication and CAPTCHA.... The post ICANN Fighting Fak...
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.CLUB Releasing 4,500 Premium Domain Names Today

DomainPulse.com: Today (14 June) at 15:00 UTC, 4,500 premium .club domain names are being released, most of which were registry reserved have never been available through the registrar channel before. In... The post .CLUB Releasing 4,500 Premium Domai...
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I was surprised to see Apartment.in sell for almost $10,000

Morgan Linton Morgan Linton: It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a .IN domain sale making news, but today I read an article on Elliot’s Blog about a recent auction that Sedo ran focused on .IN domain names. For those who don’t know, .IN is not a new domain extension, it’s been around a while it just doesn’t […]

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