Building your own online store

Secondly, make sure you possess a domain name for your e-commerce website. Do make sure though that the domain name is the same as, or as close as possible to, the name of the business you're running. Continuing on from the previous example, you could choose the name for ...
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Only buy what (domains) you need

I got inspired to write this post by a tweet made by Peter Sunde, founder of Njalla (and Pirate Bay), a privacy domain name registration service, about black Friday purchases: This Friday it’s “black friday”. At @njal_la we’re d...
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Tools for capturing leads and growing your email list

A whopping 75% of people visiting your website are probably never going to return. That makes generating leads, and capturing emails, more important than ever before. If you are looking for ways to add a lead capture form to your WordPress website, keep reading. Today we will examine a multitude of WordPress-friendly tools for helping […]

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