ICA Member Profile: Mark Daniel

Back in 2007, Mark’s longtime childhood friend from Maryland, John Ferber, convinced him to trade in the four seasons and his suit for eternal summertime and sandals to help launch a new company. Mark, a former shopping center leasing agent, didn’t hesitate at the opportunity to relocate to Delray Beach, Florida. It was there that...

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Last week we published our semi-annual TOP 10 LIST OF WIPO PANELISTS.  This week we traditionally publish our Top 10 List of NAF Panelists, but frankly, we were hard-pressed to find 10 top panelists.  In addition, in the last 6 months there was only 1 finding of Reverse Domain Name Holding, while 22 different Panelists in […]
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Why the Fake News Mantra will Drive Domain Values Higher

Companies risk millions of dollars in revenue and marketing investments when they rely on a third-party platform for their brand interaction. We see domains will become more important as the big brands (Google, FB, Youtube, etc..) clamp down and enforce restrictions on their sites. There has lately been a lot of talk in the news […]

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.storage, .hospital available at EnCirca

General Availability  – first-come, first-serve:

.storage - $75

Sunrise – for Trademark Owners Only:

.hospital – $170

Find out more about our sunrise, landrush and general availability offerings on our new gTLD page.

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This is our Annual Report of those panelists who have Denied more Complaints than the other Panelists at WIPO in 2016. 68 different Panelists denied one or more claims in the last 6 months.  22 Panelists found the Claimant guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH). That is DOUBLE the number of panelists in 2015. […]
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New Twist on Domain Appraisal Scam

DomainReport.ca Here is a new twist on the domain appraisal scam that I haven't seen before. Usually the way it goes is you get an email from someone who wants to buy your domain for a large sum, but first they want an 'official' appraisal on the domain.  They suggest where they want the appraisal done, and after you pay for the appraisal and send it to them you never hear back.  Ofcourse the
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