World Password Day – EnCirca protects your info

Today, May 5, 2016, is the 4th Annual World Password Day. It’s a good time to review your online presence and whether it is protected.

At EnCirca, we are dedicated to protecting your information. Our most recent change has been to upgrade customer logins to Two-Factor Authentication. This is valuable for most of our customers, [...]

Continue reading a Hot Item in April 27 .CA TBR The April 27 TBR report now brings me up to date on the current .ca drops. In this TBR, a total of 220 .ca domains were caught.  There are some good and one word domains near the top of the list, then I think the quality drops off.  You can be the judge. I haven't noticed any reported .ca domain sales in the last month or so, hopefully things pick up for the remainder of
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Which of My .CA Get Inquiries and April 20 TBR Drop This post has the results of the April 20 .ca TBR drop, and I've also listed some of my .ca domains that have had recent inquiries below. First, there were 170 .ca domains caught in last week's drop.  Some of the better names I noticed were:  (the Canadian spelling of 'colors')
Continue reading Finds a Buyer in April 6 .CA TBR Drop The April 6 .ca TBR drop was another good sized drop with 178 .ca domains picked up. It wasn't the best of drops but there were still some good names to be had. Some of the better names were:  ('Win' in French) The full list of domains taken in the
Continue reading Reborn in March 23 .CA TBR Drop I'm starting to get caught up again from about a month ago with the March 23 TBR drop. In that week's drop, a total of 213 .ca domains were taken which is more than average. Some of the better names that dropped that week were: The full list
Continue reading Served Up in March 16 .CA TBR Drop Catching up today with some recent .ca TBR domain drop results.  Spring break is long over and it's time to get back to it.  A total of 105 .ca domains were taken in the March 16 drop. Some of the better names that dropped that week included:
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