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How ad dollars are spent

Project-Disco put together a good picture of how ad dollars are spent all around the spectrum. Digital edged out television 41% to 35%. From the article: By using data from the Internet Advertising Bureau [1], [2], the Association of National Advertise...
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Pfizer Drops Leakage.com + More Domain Movers

Welcome to Domain Movers! We keep track of company related domain name transactions and report these early findings to you. Here is a small sampling of these movements: Dyson Ltd registered the domain name DysonPureCool.com adding to the 400 other doma...
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Salesforce Acquires Trailblazer.com Domain Name

Salesforce.com, Inc. has acquired Trailblazer.com from its past owners, Trailblazer Enterprises according to whois records. Salesforce mainly uses the Trailblazer term to describe its pioneers, innovators of it services. They explain it more here in a ...
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