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GoDaddy may make a bit less from 5111.com

In a post we did back on April 14, we highlighted a big windfall for GoDaddy as 5111.com is expiring and was currently at $152,000. The bidding got to $175,000. There is also a $20 bounty to the person who comes closest to guessing the closing price. Well now it seems GoDaddy has cancelled some […]
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GoDaddy is going to make a lot on this one – 5111.com

One of the greatest benefits of being GoDaddy is you get to benefit from other people’s laziness or misfortune. The 17 year old domain 5111.com just hit GoDaddy Auctions and it’s already at $152,000. Leave a comment where you think it will close. closest person wins $20. Same rules as always, working email address as […]
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Chance to win some cash, where will CloudLand.com close ?

Over the years I have always tried to find ways for readers to get a little bang for their buck and win some cash on certain high profile names at auction. Both here and on TheDomains.com some of the auctions didn’t move much more than when I posted. Easy money for the poster that picked […]
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