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Bad.de sells for $138,443

The 25th highest .de sale of all time took place on Wednesday. Bad.de sold on Sedo for $138,443. Currently the domain does not resolve to a website. Here is the top 25 courtesy of Namebio kredit.de 1,169,175 USD 2008-12-02 Sedo poker.de 957,937 USD 200...
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All Cyrillic .eu domains to be deleted

Eurid has announced that Cyrillic domain names in .eu will be deleted a year from now. The registry said that it’s doing so to comply with the “no script mixing” recommendations for internationalized domain names, which are designed t...
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Facebook launches gaming portal on FB.GG

Facebook launched their gaming creator portal on a .GG domain. The country code for Guernsey has become popular for esports. Facebook is using the domain name FB.GG. Some background: Wikipedia info .gg is the country code top-level domain for the crown...
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Domainers not welcome in this Whois database

Inquiries from domain investors are specifically barred under one registry’s take on GDPR compliance. The Austrian ccTLD registry, nic.at, yesterday stopped publishing the personal information of human registrants in its public Whois database, un...
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Red.ca sells for $20,000

Namepros member MapleDots reported that they purchased the premium one word domain Red.ca for $20,000. MapleDots said they will be re-branding the domain as a Canadian Domain Re-seller. This would be a top 50 all time sale in .ca according to Namebio. ...
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Domain reads: .Com for uptime, .Bank transitions

Domain industry pros should read these two articles. I read a couple of interesting domain name related stories over the past few days that should be interesting to DNW readers. They give perspectives on domain names from people outside the domain name industry. The first is a story from social media stream company Stream titled […]

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