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McKinsey & Co. Report: 12 Disruptive Tech with $14 – $33 Trillion potential by 2025 are…

3d printers-2014The master has spoken and the numbers quoted are mind boggling. McKinsey's report is a must read for any person planning a career, starting an enterprise, or planning to provide services in these 12 disruptive sectors. According to McKinsey, applications of the twelve technologies discussed in the Read more [...]

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A Trademark by Any Other Name Is Not a Trademark in China

Hermès is a world famous fashion house, known for its leather goods and couture prices. While savvy with scissors, Hermès has become the latest victim of Chinese trademark squatters. This past week, Hermès lost its decade and a half long quest to secure trademark rights to the name...
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Apple, electronic behemoth and coveted company of technology buffs, is facing a serious trademark problem in China over its iPad tablet. Prior to Apple’s launch of the iPad in 2010, the company tried to secure the IPAD trademark in major markets, including China. Apple negotiated with Proview International...
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Digitally Inflicted Sinophobia

After a China-based January 2010 attack on their systems (and other large US-Based corporations), Google’s four-year experiment with Google.cn may be over. But as the details of the attack come under further review, there seems to be more at stake. What does this attack mean for the future...
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