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1M.com closes at $140,001 on Flippa

1M.com closed at $140,001 on Flippa. Domain only auction and will be the 4th largest domain sale on Flippa for 2018. Sales data courtesy of Namebio strength.com 300,001 USD 2018-08-15 Flippa gab.com 220,000 USD 2018-09-12 Flippa soulmate.com 160,000 US...
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So this is happening, AmazonCars.xyz at $33,510

I have had a bunch of emails over the last week as to why this auction has not been cancelled? Some believe it’s bogus and others are focusing on the TM aspect of Amazon. When discussing the last crazy auction for 6666666.com on Namepros Joe Styl...
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6666666.com now up to $99,999, will it get paid?

Last week I wrote about 6666666.com (7x) at GoDaddy. 6666666.com is off to the races.  It was up to $78,777 after 2 days. While that price seemed outrageous the auction has gone higher and now sits at $99,999 and closes today. GoDaddy educated everyone...
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