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Marchex’s CEO Discusses Q1 2014 Results – $1.9m in domain sales

Marchex CEO discusses Q1 earnings for 2014 and its an interest read, most within the domain industry know all about Marchex the company that bought Yun Ye’s portfolio in 2005 for $164 million dollars, 200,000 domain names were acquired and several have been sold since however Marchex choose to spin the domain portfolio into a […]

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The Seven (Deadly) Sins of the Registrar

In July 2011, Epik became an accredited registrar.  The decision to become a registrar did not come lightly.  As an active domain investor, I had a good sense of the market and believed that the registrar industry was both lacking innovation and playing too many games with the registrants. Since 2011, Epik has been building […]
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How WebRTC Impacts Domain Names

As I have shown lately I am a big proponent of WebRTC, WebRTC allows real time communications between web browsers without a download, i.e. no plugin or Java download. This will enable all sorts of new voice, video, chat, and data applications. As you can imagine this is...
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Epik’s Next Chapter: The Future of Domain Name Asset Management

Epik has been a pioneer in the area of developing domain names into income-producing intellectual property assets — a role which continues to this day and which has been chronicled both on this blog and elsewhere.  Now that summer has ended, it seems an appropriate time for a review of our continuing efforts to develop […]
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