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Uber Acquires UberAir.com + Other Domain Movers

Domain Movers highlights domain name asset transactions by companies around the world. These early discoveries often highlight potential new brands, domain name upgrades, upcoming advertising and marketing campaigns and much more. Domain names are a bu...
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Domain Movers: Visor.com, GoodTime.com + More

Welcome to the latest Domain Movers which focuses on company related domain name transactions. These are very early discoveries and not a lot of information is always available other than a change of ownership in whois records but we do try our best to...
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Domain Movers: Luis.com, Afound.com + More

Welcome to Domain Movers! We keep track of company focused domain name transactions and report these very early findings to you! This very small sampling of domain transactions are for new brands, products, services and more. Companies around the world...
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Nasdaq Sells Premium Domain Name Hex.com

This is a breaking news story and may be updated with further information at a later time. The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. which had owned the premium 3 letter domain name Hex.com, has sold it according to whois records. I expect this to be a substantial...
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Domain Movers: Gram.com, Brightwell.com + More

Welcome! Domain Movers researches domain name movements daily, with a focus on corporate related domain name transaction and reports these findings in Domain Movers. These are often very early transactions and can highlight new brands, domain name upgr...
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How to avoid UDRP – John Berryhill – DNW Podcast #170

Attorney John Berryhill explains how to minimize the chances of facing a UDRP. Domain name investors fear bogus UDRP cybersquatting cases. How can you protect yourself against the cost of having to defend against a UDRP? On today’s show attorney John Berryhill discusses common perceptions about trademarks to help you avoid risky domains, how to […]

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